Intelligent 4g solar security camera solution for fish ponds

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1. Scene pain points

1). There are often fishermen “visiting” at night. When you get up in the middle of the night and look for him with a headlight, but he fights “guerrilla warfare” with you, which may even threaten your life.

2). Keep a dog to prevent outsiders from invading, but the dog can’t tell you who invaded, and it may be poisoned.

3). Worry about the fry being poisoned all the time, staring at the surveillance screen even in the middle of the night.

4). When use common camera with infrared to realize the alarm,there are many false alarms, because the field environment is complex, the wind and grass will cause the alarm, so it is need often maintained.

5). Once the farmer’s labor results are completely destroyed, the source of family income is cut off. The key is that there may be no clues to the police afterwards.

2. Introduction

This program is suitable for fish, shrimp, crabs and other aquaculture bases (hereinafter collectively referred to as fish ponds). Designed for the needs of regional security, intelligent humanoid recognition alarm, remote alarm, efficient storage, wireless transmission, etc., it breaks the post-tracing status of traditional monitoring, meets the needs of users in advance prevention, and brings all-weather high-definition guarding, so that farmers can be at home learn about the abnormal situation of the fish pond through the mobile phone.

3. Program features

1.-On-site shocking reminder, bid farewell to “fool-style” monitoring

1.1 Intelligent PIR human detection

The LS Vision intelligent low-power wireless solar security cameras using PIR human detection intelligence technology at key points around fish ponds, shores, entrances and exits can accurately identify the human body and greatly reduce false alarms caused by other interference factors such as animals. For example, if the fisherman and other people cross the shore of the fish pond, the camera automatically wakes up and immediately sends an alarm message to remind the offender.

LensDetection distanceCovered area

1.2 Light shock + shout alert

The solar security camera system supports white light and two-way intercom functions. Once the fisherman enters the fish pond, farmers can turn on the white light of the camera or remotely warn the target through the mobile phone. The two-pronged approach will enhance the deterrent effect.

1.3 Mobile phone remote reminder

Download the U-box APP through the mobile phone, and immediately push the alarm message to the owner’s mobile phone once there is an alarm. The owner can open the pushed message content to view the situation on the spot, which is convenient for timely response to reduce losses; even if you can’t pay attention to the mobile phone in real time, you can pass it Video playback, search for reliable evidence.

2.-No need to deploy network cable, wireless transmission is stable

2.1 Wiring-free

Most of the farms are far away from the urban area, with large areas, difficult wiring, and many monitoring points. The solution uses outdoor wireless 4g solar powered cctv camera solutions, which not only solves the problem of monitoring signal transmission, but also does not need to spend a lot of manpower to dig ground and wiring.

2.2 Video stability

Support multiple 4G frequency bands and multiple options to ensure the stability of video surveillance data transmission.

AreaModule modelFrequency band
China/Southeast AsiaSIM7600CE-CNSEFour-mode full NetcomLTE-FDD:B1,3,5,8LTE-TDD:B34,38,39,40,41UMTS/HSPA+:B1,8GSM:900/1800MHz
North AmericaSIM7600A-HLTE:B2/B4/B12WCDMA:B2/B5
AustraliaSIM7600SA-H-MNSELTE-FDD B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B66LTE-TDD B40UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA+ B1/B2/B5/B8GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz

2.3 Easy to install

The design is simple, it can be used by tightening the screws, and the installation takes only 1 hour.

3.-Double storage method, recording can be traced back

3.1 Local storage + cloud storage

The camera supports local storage up to 128GB, and the cost of cloud storage varies depending on the storage time, USD2-USD35/month.

3.2 Quickly review the video

The software supports filtering records according to time. It might have taken half a day to find the video, but now it only takes a few minutes to quickly locate the incident video, which greatly improves the efficiency of review.

4. List of main equipment

Product listProduct modelSolution function
2.5 inch solar outdoor cameraLS-4GS12PIR humanoid detectionVoice two-way intercomArming time setting 
8W solar panel8W solar panelsolar charging, can be fully charged in 8 hours 
Battery6PCS 18650 rechargeable batteryStore electricity, guarantee 365 days not offline
Memory card32G,64G,128G Optional32G can be used for 6 days64G can be used for 12 days128G can be used for 25 days 
Cloud storage7-day recurring event triggers recording30-day recurring event triggers recordingmaking it easier to view the recorded video 
Screw, screwdriverScrew, screwdriverFixing the camera
USB cableUSB cablemanual charging
Mobile APPU-boxremote monitoring

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