Forest fire prevention-solar wireless surveillance camera system

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1.-Project background:

The rich forest is one of the important wealth of the ecological environment, and it has an irreplaceable position and role in the construction of the national economy and the construction of ecological civilization. However, ruthless forest fires can burn these precious resources instantly. Forest fires are very harmful and difficult to extinguish. They are the greatest threat to the achievements of ecological civilization construction and the security of forest resources. Forest fire control is imperative! Through the construction of the forest fire prevention video monitoring system project, it is possible to comprehensively improve the people’s comprehensive prevention and control ability of forest fire prevention, use advanced technology and scientific means to build a forest fire prevention early warning monitoring system, and form a national network, upper and lower connections, smooth information, and quick response to forest fire prevention. Early warning and monitoring system to effectively prevent and control the occurrence of forest fires.

However, there are no regular power transmission lines in the forest, and the nearby communication base stations have abnormal power supply failures. The stability of the power grid is poor, and the lines are long and poor. This also greatly protects the use of monitoring equipment and builds a large-scale power transmission network. And optical fiber transmission network, difficult, high cost, and inoperability. Solar power supply(solar camera) solves the problem of forest fire prevention.

The solar cctv camera system is widely used in the field of forest fire monitoring due to its fast construction, stable performance, low cost, low energy consumption, environmental protection, and flexible configuration.The unique operating characteristics make the solar powered security camera system the energy core of the forest fire prevention monitoring and control system and the core prerequisite for ensuring the normal operation of the forest fire prevention monitoring and monitoring system. The rational use of new energy sources and the establishment of an effective, timely and safe protection system play a positive role and significance in reducing the occurrence of forest fires, reducing resource damage, and protecting the ecological environment.

2.-Advantages of forest fire protection solar power supply system:

1) No need for external power supply, reasonable use of solar energy, stable output can be obtained, and the system has very high stability and reliability;

2) Reduce the cost of power introduction, eliminate the construction of substations, erect high and low voltage lines, and high and low voltage distribution systems. Under the condition of ensuring the same power supply, it can greatly reduce power loss and reduce the capacity of energy storage batteries;

3) The self-developed camera management platform can realize remote picture effects, receive real-time push information and can play back the video without missing any information;

4) The design is simple, easy to maintain, simple to install, and supports solar charging or DC power access; the design scheme of power supply and distribution system integration, input and output integration, reduce tedious power distribution, save land and installation time, and provide Full-link monitoring of power distribution, rapid fault location, and improved reliability;

5) The use of a new type of low energy consumption and highly integrated control chip has significantly increased power generation. The highest efficiency is as high as 99%, and the industrial-grade reliability is suitable for all harsh outdoor environments.

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3.-Main features of forest solar surveillance:

Economy: energy saving and environmental protection, fixed-point monitoring, reducing the workload of inspectors.

Energy saving: solar power supply system.

Monitoring: PTZ camera, remote control; image capture, remote video playback.

Control: remote mobile APP control, monitoring and management; short-distance remote control of sound/wireless connection/switching machine.

4.-Project application:

The Black Forest, also known as the Teutonic Forest, is located in the mountains of Würzburg in southwestern Germany. Because of the 160 kilometers long from north to south and 60 kilometers from east to west, there are dense forests. Due to the dense forests, it is dark from a distance. Hence the name. It is the most attractive place in Germany’s medium mountain range. There are towering and straight cedar trees everywhere. The total area of the forest is about 6000 square kilometers. The Black Forest is the birthplace of the Danube and Neckar rivers. The steep and picturesque Jinzixi Gorge splits the mountainside into north and south sections, with sandstone in the north, dense forests, high terrain and cold climate. The south is low, with fertile soil and moderate climate in the valley. Forest fires, illegal hunting and other violations of laws and regulations will cause great damage to the animals and plants in the reserve. Forest fires are the most dangerous enemy of the forest. Not only do they burn down the forest and harm the animals in the reserve, but also reduce the forest. The reproductive capacity of saplings causes the soil to be barren and destroys the forest to conserve water, and even causes the ecological environment of the protected area to lose its balance. In order to strengthen the protection of wild animals in the reserve and the natural ecosystem of the habitat, realize the scientific, standard, informatized and professional fire protection work, and effectively improve the comprehensive prevention and control capabilities. Through the construction of an intelligent solar cctv management and early warning system, the work intensity of forest staff is effectively reduced, the efficiency of management and protection of wildlife reserves is further improved, and the management and protection of protected areas is promoted from relying solely on civil defense to the combination of civil defense and technical defense. The main reforms will further improve the effectiveness of forest management and protection, facilitate the observation of wild animals, and ensure the safety of the ecological environment for the survival of wild animals.

Black forest

1) Project pain points

The intelligent solar energy alert ptz camera surveillance project of the Black Forest Nature Reserve is located in the high mountains and the wild, and the environment is complex, without the conditions for line laying, and electricity cannot be solved;

2) Project requirements

Adopt solar powered cctv camera system, make use of natural resources bestowed by nature to provide complementary power supply, and front-end equipment can provide independent power supply, which effectively solves the problem of “difficulty in obtaining electricity” for users;

The designer of the solar camera outdoor system must have an in-depth understanding of the overall design of the system, have data analysis and independent research and development capabilities, and be able to provide complete solutions and customized products for the Black Forest Nature Reserve to ensure the stability and continuity of the project.

LS Vision has been deeply engaged in ptz solar camera systems for many years. The projects have been spread all over the world, and the system has continued to operate stably. The deep understanding of the project and the ability of data analysis of the system have led us to continue to innovate and lead the new trend of solar security camera systems;

3) Overall system composition

The project is planned to prevent disasters in the Black Forest Nature Reserve in Germany. The system can detect a minimum 4 square wood fire source with a warning coverage radius of 5 kilometers and 78.5 square kilometers, which can provide faster, accurate, timely and effective data, images, positioning and other information for fire fighting in the event of a fire, and protect fires in the protected area. Early warning, monitoring, command and rescue work were carried out smoothly. Greatly improve the ability of research, early warning, rapid response and scientific and technological support to minimize losses due to disasters. And it is convenient for the scientific research team to discover and observe the range of wild animal activities.

4) Program features

The solar ip camera system mainly solves the problem of monitoring power supply. The system uses solar battery components to store the generated electric energy in the battery pack through the control module. When the equipment needs electricity, the inverter or DC power supply will save the electricity stored in the battery pack. It is used for monitoring PTZ and wireless transmission equipment. The power supply scheme is a composite renewable solar energy power generation system that integrates multiple energy power generation technologies such as solar energy and storage batteries and system intelligent control technology. It has the characteristics of day and night complementation and seasonal complementarity, the system is stable and reliable, and cost-effective. Through reasonable design and matching, it can realize the positive significance of fast construction, stable performance, low cost, low energy consumption, safe operation, simple maintenance, and environmental protection.

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