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If rural areas can be as balanced as urban development, rural areas are undoubtedly a very potential market for surveillance and security equipment. Today we introduce what kind of CCTV camera is better for the farm.

Demand: The customer has a farm covering an area of about 10 acres, and crops have been stolen for a long time; the customer wants to install surveillance cameras to manage the entire farm, and needs a surveillance installation plan.

Analysis: The original intention of installing surveillance cameras on the farm is mainly to prevent theft. However, since most of the surveillance cameras in the farm are installed outdoors, coupled with the actual factors such as power supply and network supply, we need to consider many aspects when choosing a camera.

1. When choosing CCTV camera for farm, you need to pay attention to:

1). Realize network transmission by using 4G SIM card

Since the farms are located far away from the urban area, and the area is relatively large, wiring will be difficult, and if there are more monitoring points, it will inevitably increase customer costs; so when designing the plan , Can give priority to the use of 4G SIM card for wireless network transmission, in this way, not only solves the problem of monitoring signal transmission, but also reduces the cost of manual digging and wiring.

2).Don’t need to use utility power, can automatically store electricity

It need work for 365 days to install a camera on the farm, and if the utility power is used all the time,the first one is wiring troubles, and occasionally there will be problems with thief cutting wires or power failure;The second is that the maintenance cost is relatively high. The farm security camera solar powered makes full use of the energy of nature, works continuously

3). Choose AI smart alarm surveillance camera with alarm function

AI smart alarm surveillance camera, in addition to the regular monitoring function, also has an alarm function, which can perform background data analysis on the behavior of people in the monitoring area, and promptly alarm for abnormal behavior or specified behavior, and upload the alarm signal at the same time , Live screens and videos will be synchronized screenshots saved to the back-end database.

2. The main features of solar farm CCTV:

1). With 2mp high-definition pixels, the monitoring screen is very clear, which can truly restore the on-site situation for the user. Under the intelligent night vision, the monitoring screens during the day and night are all in color.

2). It is suitable for installation in all kinds of occasions without network, except for farms, orchards, fish ponds, mountainous areas, etc. It can be used in all kinds of occasions, as long as the place where the monitoring is installed has sunlight and signals.

3). Support TF card storage, cloud storage, and other video storage methods, but in most cases we use TF card video storage methods.

4). The product functions are relatively rich, mainly with remote monitoring, voice calls, video playback, 360-degree rotation, motion detection and other functions, integrating remote monitoring and video playback into one.

3. Matters needing attention during the use of solar farm security camera:

1). The 4g solar security camera transmits by 4G signal. Like other radio waves, if there are many obstacles before the signal is transmitted, the signal strength will be weakened. Trees, concrete walls, mechanical equipment and other objects will block the wireless signal, which will affect the signal reception and transmission performance of the camera. Therefore, the camera should be placed in an open area without too many obstacles.

2). Before using the camera, you need to charge the battery to 100% before using it to avoid the camera offline due to insufficient power consumption during transportation.

3). When installing the camera, you need to install the memory card and the data card first, then power on the camera, and then add the successfully connected devices to the APP. The APP can directly scan QR Code on the product manual. You can also search and install the application in APP store.

4. When purchasingWireless farm camera , you can refer to the following tips

1). Quantity of installations

Take the low-power series camera as an example. It supports PIR humanoid detection, and the maximum coverage distance is 7~10 meters. No matter how far away, there is no way to detect the humanoid movement. The detection angle is about 90 degrees, and it can be estimated that its monitoring coverage area is about 78 square meters. Usually, a farm of 10 acres requires about 85 cameras.

In addition, there are cruising engineering machines on the market that can zoom, and at least four are needed to meet the most basic monitoring needs. However, the pain point of this type of camera is that the solar panel is too large and the transportation is more expensive.

2). The clarity of the camera

The sharpness of the camera is very important, no matter what kind of occasion it is installed, the sharpness of the monitoring picture is very important, so that the situation on the spot can be seen clearly.

3). The style of the camera

If it is installed outdoors in a relatively wide area, it is generally recommended to buy a 360-degree rotating PTZ camera, because the viewing range is relatively wide.

4).Powerful function

Functions: real-time screen monitoring, multi-screen monitoring, chat monitoring, email monitoring, Internet monitoring, file operation monitoring, screen monitoring records, screen 24-hour video recording, sensitive operation alarms, file anti-leakage, etc.

5). Network

Support local area network, wide area network, support complex hybrid network, support the management and control of different areas of the global Internet, suitable for different frequency bands.

6). Easy to install and use

The product installation is very simple, basically just follow the installation prompts and click the next step to complete the installation. No special settings are required, and no changes to the hardware and network are required. The basic operations are just step by step.

7). Free trial, no waste of money

Good monitoring software should be able to provide free trials, such as online demos. After all, real gold is not afraid of fire, letting users try it out and buy them again is the greatest guarantee for users.

8). Excellent quality

The quality of surveillance cameras is the top priority. Users should choose an outdoor waterproof camera suitable for their farm environment. It is best to have various quality inspection certificates, such as CE and FCC.

Solar camera for farm are undoubtedly the best tool for modern farmers, which can effectively monitor activities in the farm, manage farm operations, and protect the farm. The installed solar powered farm security camera allows users to track and view the activities of the farrowing room or feeding trough at any time. Similarly, after completing a day’s work, they can also remotely monitor the activities around the farm equipment.

The installation and use methods of solar security camera for farm vary with the farm environment and user requirements. Before installation, you can tell the manufacturer in advance the area to be covered. After a little planning, users can install their own cameras to make work simple, smart, and effective.

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